The Beginning

Welcome my FRIEND

To an idea; sparked by my hopes and dreams, and ignited through the extraordinary events which made me the woman I am today, and continue to alter my life …

 To the beginning, of a SELF-REVOLUTION

Life, is unforgiving, and in simpler terms, tough….. but it can be breathtakingly beautiful, and the most miraculous experience, ever…  To be human, is incredibly difficult, but we can choose to possess some of the greatest “Human Superpowers”~SELF-WORTH, LOYALTY, ACCEPTANCE, GRATITUDE, EMPATHY, KINDNESS, STRENGTH, and simply,  LOVE

DARK PAST …. turned into a FUTURE ~ A STORY ….. fueling SUCCESS ~

~ This is the BEGINNING, of THE BEGINNING   ~

 Dearest fellow human-being,

– Breathe, exhale, and repeat – Simply applaud yourself for the effort you put into this life.. I’m not trying to be your “life-coach”, but instead that person to understand, accept, and hopefully, inspire to such lengths that you may mentally blossom, the way I did, despite all odds, and hopefully, with a good ole sarcastic grin, and perhaps a few laughs along the way, as you ride the….waves of life...

Like you, I have a story; but everyone’s story is different, everyones’ uniqueness, is their own uniquenessand that is our personal magic… My story happens to be nothing shy of the mere game of JENGA ~ PAIN, CORRUPTION, ABUSE, JUDGEMENT, SECRETS, HEARTBREAK, DISAPPOINTMENT, FEAR, and ugly, realities… But this is not the place where that nightmarish past, and this journey of the present, which will soon set my soul free, will be housed. This is the place where the beautifully positive creation of inspiration will be…

If fantasy is your form of escape, then BAM! We already have something in common! My friend, it’s what you CHOOSE, to dwell on and daydream about, through your own “human superpowers”.  From there on, you make your own destiny, using even the smallest of worldly tools….

That’s the purpose of  “Smileylymie” ~ The fictional “human hero” I created for myself, or the product of the power I always had.  Using life’s hidden tools, and my own developed mental-strength and willpower, to fight and persist…

So, here is a slight insight into the tools which became, and remain an igniting fuel to the core of everything I am.  I hope to MEET YOUlearn with you, inspire you, be inspired, support you, and help you do this thing called, “life”, but this time, with a new, detoxified, enlightened version, of you…

 ~   Here’s to the JOURNEY ~


~ To redefine HOPE ~ 

~ To Heal the mind and body HOLISTICALLY ~ 

(Ok, if you think it’s “freaky” when I say holistic, what I mean is, I take the whole” mind and body into account friends.  A holistic approach, is my passion (or at least, one of them) ~ Dead Serious

(This one of the few things I actually take seriously in life!)

 ~ To liberate oneself, tuning into your inner HERO ~ 

–  Let’s Navigate Life‘s Obstacles, together – 

It’s amazing to think – One persons pain, can become another’s inspiration – One persons’ story, can have the power to alter the story of another, and so on, and so on, and so on ~ What a beautiful thing that is ~ In case you’re still here, and I haven’t sent your mind to some extraterrestrial dimension, and your eyes haven’t split apart from the screen, I’d like to say just one more thing.  This journey called life, will be tedious, but it can be intoxicatingly beautiful and addictive.  I believe we all have a story, and stories are meant to be told…. there is only one YOU, and that, is your SUPERPOWER