Hope ~ Heal ~ Inspire

Welcome to a world where holistic healing, sustainability is incorporated in nearly everything.  A world I created for myself, and a world I’d like to invite you to.  As a survivor of Chronic Lyme Disease, I’ve found that if you can smile through your toughest days, you’ll make it in life, and I’m here to share my healthy strategies, and provide others around the world with chronic illnesses the opportunity to share their stories…

In life, each path leads to a new one; I chose to learn everything I could from each one.  This being said, my journey living life with a chronic illness, changed everything.  It was not the end, but the beginning of everything.  I have been healing myself, and turned my life into a lifestyle, a way of living.  From diet, to mental health I have created a “clean” way of living, and I’m here to share my homemade, simple, “guilt-free” gluten-free, non-gmo and vegan recipes, tips and tricks, “green”  travel methods, sustainable clothing and beauty brands, effective workout/yoga routines for a weak body, holistic health/detox methods, some fun” blogs about my life as a reader-writer and feminist activist, and everyday inspiration for a positive life and healthy mindset.


As I plan to travel throughout the world, I have been collaborating with sustainable brands and companies on a mission to support our earth as well as enrich the lives of people.  Reach out to me whether you are an ethical brand looking for a project/advertisement, or someone with an illness/cancer hoping to share their story.





Diet + Plant-Based Recipes 

From my kitchen to yours, I will walk you through each step of the way, from juices, smoothies & snacks, to lunches and dinners, work to give your body the best, with a plant-based, gluten & sugar free diet according to your fabulous self, and become a WELLNESS WARRIOR!            



Fitness + Beauty Tips