A Letter To Lyme…




You have been involved in a large part of my young life, but that doesn’t mean we’re the best of friends now, does it.  Sure, you have taught me some essential life lessons, shaped my outlook on life, and altered my path in life, but you have also beaten and broken me many times.  You nearly convinced me that my life would forever standstill.  You made me feel pain, you made me feel hopeless, depressed, furious, and confused.  Why did you attach yourself to me?  You altered the course of my life from the day we met, in a way which ruined my mental and physical spirit.  Because of you, I spent countless days searching for ways to rid you from my mind, body and soul.  But you are incurable, I was unable to ever get rid of you, you always found you’re way back into my body, you wouldn’t leave me alone, like a cockroach!  Because of you, I spent countless nights in pain, in tears and in pure agony, I grew lost, and no one, not even I, could “resuscitate” me.  Why did you do this to me???  Why did I deserve to feel you’re wrath?  Then, one day, I realized we had met for a reason, whether I liked it or not.  You were meant to be a part of my life, because without you, I never would have learned to true meaning of life itself, I would have continued to take my life for granted.  I realized that life is made up of the moments within days…I was going to appreciate and make the most out of each day, with or without you.  I haven’t begun to start the process of slowly ridding you from my body, but I have begun to accept and process the positives you have left on my mind, and discard the negatives.  Thank you for changing my outlook, because without this alternation, I never would have met certain people,  I might not have learned what life is all about this early on, and I wouldn’t understand life with a chronic illness, giving me the opportunity to help others.  However, I feel our time is up, I hope it is up.  You almost destroyed my body, and I’m taking it back because it’s mine, and I deserve the chance to rejuvenate it and make it whole again.  This being said, I’m asking you kindly to leave and never return, I have learned the lessons, experienced the pain and developed my platform.  So, goodbye you pesky, cantankerous, monstrous, domineering and revolting “friend”, I bid you farewell….



The girl (now a woman) you attached yourself to nearly 11 years ago…remember?

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