10 Methods For Self-Care

Self-Care means something different to everyone, because we all find solace, peace, comfort and pure relaxation through different outlets.  Self-Care IS NOT SELFISH.  Self-care is not just about “pampering” yourself, it’s about taking the time to CONNECT with your mind and body, and truly giving yourself permission to “slow down”.

I find it a bit humorous that I am here giving you advice, as I was once what others may refer to as a “human doormat”, living for others.  One day, I reached a breaking point, and I came to terms with who I am as a person, and what I deserve.  I realized, I wouldn’t be able to help other, if I did not take care of myself anyways!  I take self-care so seriously now, that even if I have 10 minutes a day, I’ll take it and make the most of it.  Self-care has become a part of my daily life, it has helped me reconnect with myself, and get through the stresses of life with a healthy mindset.  So today, I’d like to share my 10 methods of self-care with you, and hope you join me on the self-care train!

Method 1- Isolation-Socialization

You cannot have both, people say; it’s either one or the other.  No, in fact, it’s not, and while isolation may be more effective to me, socialization is the perfect form of care and happiness to others.  While I am a more private person, who finds peace in quiet and calm, I am also a “social butterfly”, and so I find peace in both areas.

Isolating myself, meditating, listening to some classic music (CLICK HERE to listen to my favorite meditation song) and even taking a 30 minute bath (yes, I am a bathing freak!), I personally relax the most, and have the most amount of “quiet and calm” in order to connect with myself.  To others, socialization is the ultimate form of happiness and the best way to take your mind off your troubles, through laughing, just talking or even enjoying a particular activity with others.  However, I must warn you, both forms can be ADDICTIVE, so please don’t let it interfere in your daily life 🙂

Method 2- Rest

Yes, we all know “rest is important”, but do we feel it?  Sometimes, knowing you will set aside time to go and lay-down, can actually be exciting (especially if you’ve had a particularly difficult/long day!).  Even if you don’t sleep/nap, just resting, whether sitting or lying down, you can put on some relaxing music, and calm yourself down mentally and physically.  You will not realized how “tense” you are until you do this.  Aside, from resting during the daytime, making sure you get enough sleep at night, is also another form of self-care.  Your body NEEDS adequate amounts of rest, and your body will thank you; your mind may be at more ease, and ultimately you will feel calmer.  It’s the little things that make a world of difference….

Method 3- Yoga

Alright, some of you may not practice yoga, but I can assure you that this can make a WORLD of difference.  Still not convinced?  Try exercising then!  Either way, moving, and connecting and caring for your body are excellent ways to ease the mind and create empowerment physically and mentally.  I enjoy yoga in particular, because it’s a more efficient way to truly connect with the mind and body, and understand where you are weak.  If you are interested, CLICK HERE to learn about my yoga routines .

Method 4- Setting Goals & Planning 

Yes, and while this may sound a bit “dorky” to some, it is a wonderful way to not only feel good about yourself, but connect with your mind and understand the way you view the future (which can tell you a lot about yourself).  Setting goals for your future next week or years from now can create excitement and hope within you, knowing that you have a new goal to meet.  This is where planning comes in!  Taking 10-30 minutes out each day (even if you have to jot-down notes in bed at night), can really take your mind off stress.  The beauty is, you can plan for anything, and here is the trick…..Plan for yourself!. When I say this, I mean plan something for YOU, something you can look forward to, something which you know you’ll enjoy, or something which you’ve needed for a while/deserve.  This is the ULTIMATE form of self-care in my book!

Method 5- Affirmation 

Ok, I might have lost some of you now, but before you leave, please do yourself a favor and listen (because this is where it gets good!) 🙂  Affirmation (by definition) means “emotional support or encouragement”.  Repeating out loud, terms of encouragement such as , “You can handle anything which will come your way; you are strong, worthy and beautiful”, or “The longest relationship I have in life is with myself” (compliments of Julie Montagu CLICK HERE! .  My point is, by creating your own positive affirmations or even looking them up :), you’ll realize how good you’ll feel afterwards!  So what are you waiting for?  Give yourself some mental love!

Method 6- Reading & Writing

I am a writing junkie, not just because I am a blogger :), but because it it a passion of mine, a way for me to express myself, it’s therapeutic when no one is there to listen, and it’s downright peaceful.  Sometimes just jotting down the way you are feeling, your current outlook on life, your frustration, things which have happened to you in the past, or just something positive which you stand proud of can be quite impactful, and leave you calm enough to sleep peacefully at night.  Many times we don’t realize how much burden, pain or sorrow we may be carrying mentally, until we express ourselves and relieve ourselves of this unnecessary pressure.  So grab a pen, or a book, and get started!

Method 7- Clean Eating

Eating healthy is in fact, a form of self-respect.  By fueling your body up with healthy nutrition and pure foods, you are on the right track to a happy life both mentally and physically.  I cannot stress this enough, and it’s possible that this method is so simple yet so complex, I’ll just have to leave you with this simple “affirmation “, “Eating healthy and clean is a form of self-respect”.  My entire life changed once I begun (even though I’ve been drinking green smoothies since I was 4!), and I know yours will too…

Method 8- Cleaning/Organizing

You’re probably thinking I’ve gone mad.  But yes, I LOVE to clean and organize my surroundings, and therefore my life.  This is not just because it makes my environment clean, fresh and livable, but it is healthier for the mind to live in a clean space, where you feel you can organize your life more efficiently, therefore making it easier to move forward and accomplish your goals.  You’ll be proud of yourself, trust me 🙂

Method 9- Connect With Nature

One of the most peaceful ways to be at ease, is to connect with nature.  No, this does not necessarily mean climbing a tree and getting eaten alive in the forest! (please, if you do so, watch out for ticks!). Even if you walk down the street, notice some beautiful trees, flowers, birds and your overall surroundings of life, appreciate it, find peace and simply enjoy… (namaste)

Method 10- Simply Do What Needs To Be Done For Yourself/ Forgive Yourself

This is most likely the most important method of all…Do not let anything interfere with your ability to care for yourself.  If you read my latest Instagram post, you’ll know that I encourage you to simply

Take Care Of Yourself.

No Explanations.

No Excuses.

No Apologies.

Be gentle, and forgive yourself.  We are human, we make mistakes, and sometimes it’s difficult to control the mind.  Be conscious, kind and mindful with yourself, and I promise you, you will succeed.  You’ll become so connected and loving with yourself, and that means, a happy life 🙂

 Here are some quick examples of Other Healthy Self-Care Activities 

Physical Self-Care                              Spiritual Self-Care

-Eat Healthy                                     -Find a spiritual connection or community

-Exercise                                            -Be open to inspiration

-Get a Massage                                  -Be open to “not knowing”

-Get Medical Care                              -Meditate

-Take Time To Be Sexual                 -Pray

-Get Enough Sleep

-Take a Vacation/Holiday

Psychological Self-Care                     Relationship care

-Take time to reflect                           -Stay in contact with important people in your life

-Write in a journal                             -Seek out comforting activities with these people

-Get personal therapy                       -Allow these people into your life to really know you

-Decrease life stress

-Be curious

-Try new things

Remove yourself from people who bring negativity into your life, be easy and gentle with yourself, and look forward to making the most out of your life (after all, it’s YOUR LIFE!) Wherever you are, whatever you choose, the goal is to feel calm, mentally energized and empowered, and purely content  with yourself, ready to take on the rest of the day with a positive outlook.

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