Sustainability Series Part 2- Green, On The Go


Alright, so by the looks of this post you’re most likely expecting a list of sustainable, green, non-toxic beauty brands….Well yes and no.  You’re about to explore some of my favorite tips to be “Green on The Go” in many ways!

If you know me, you’ll know that I travel quite often (even I can’t believe how much I’ve traveled considering my physical state in the past!).  Well, I had to for many reasons, yet along the way, I taught myself how to maintain my lifestyle (diet, fitness, eco-friendly routines etc.), while I was constantly “on-the-go”.  Now, you may be familiar with some of these tips, however, you may be surprised when you discover others (you may actually think I’ve gone bonkers!).

Let’s Get Started!





For one, I’ve never been very good about arriving at the airport early enough to relax before my flight (of course, this made the perfectionist within me stressed out!), and therefore I would automatically make poor decisions which were more “convenient”, such as purchasing “quick”, and often (what I considered) “junky” snacks, and plastic bottles.  I soon realized, this had to change!  I couldn’t let something as ridiculous as being a bit late, destroy my health and alter my lifestyle!

I try no to drink out of plastic bottles when I can avoid it, in general.  Not only is it bad for the environment, but plastic bottles often contain BPA( CLISK HERE TO LEARN ABOUT THE DANGERS OF BPA).  I also couldn’t take any bottle past TSA!  So, I decided to hydrate before I arrived at the airport, and pack an empty, portable, BPA-free, glass bottle in my carry-on suitcase, so this way I would be able to purchase a water of my choice at the other end of TSA or one I arrived at my destination, fill the bottle, and have it with my throughout the remainder of the trip!  Simple as that! Click HERE To Learn About my Favorite Bottle-Brand (Lifefactory)



Ok, so we’ve reached the part you’ve been waiting for I assume? 🙂

I am a complete and utter “Smoothie Junkie”, as I’ll have one almost every morning (sometimes for lunch and even desert!). There is nothing like a simple, healthy smoothie. Now, I use a “Vitamix” to prepare my smoothies (there is nothing like it; I guarantee you’ll never use another blender again once you’ve used a Vitamix!). This being said, I knew I could’t pack it with me!  Many of the places I have stayed provided blenders, but I was a bit hesitant to use them (as far as cleanliness goes), and it just was not the same.

I decided to purchase a Magic Bullet, something I could easily pack in a suitcase as it’s no bigger than a large bottle, and it even comes with portable lids if desired.  Of course, I also figured out how to “meal-prep” smoothies (we’ll get to that in another post, I promise!). I would either prep my smoothies (obviously purchasing any fresh or frozen goods at my destination), or I would purchase everything once I arrived.  This was the “Saving-Grace”, and the real answer to solving my problems.  I now had the ability to maintain my routine, and save money, even making it convenient.




Of course, having on-hand balance bars, and green-drinks doesn’t hurt 🙂

Here is a short list of my favorite “on-the-go” snacks, while traveling (CLICK ON THE Brands to learn more!)


Balance Bars

Rise Bar   All gluten-free, each bar is 5-7 ingredients, vegan options, Non-GMO, high-protein (even for us vegetarians!), 100% real- (Balance Bars- Can be purchased at Whole Food’s Market or any health food store etc-   I enjoy the “Almond Honey”, “Cacao Banana” & “Chocolatey Coconut”)

Square Organics All gluten-free, Organic, Non-GMO, Plant-Based, Dairy-Free, Soy-Free, Vegan, No PROTEIN ISOLATES, SUGAR ALCOHOLS, OR ADDED “NATURAL FLAVORS, made with coconut nectar – (Balance Bars- I purchase at Whole Foods Market, etc…)

GoMacro  All Gluten-free, Organic, Vegan, RAW- (Balance Bars, can be purchased at Trader Joe’s, Whole Foods Market etc- I enjoy the “Protein Purity- Sunflower Butter & Chocolate”, and “Prolonged Power- Banana & Almond Butter”)


Quick Green Drinks

Evolution Fresh Organic, Cold-Pressed, Non-GMO, NO added folic acid, 100% pure and simple!      (I enjoy the “Essential Greens w Lime”, “Organic Sweet Greens & Ginger”, “Sweet Greens & Lemon”, “Protein Power Greens” and “Green Devotion”- all can be purchased at Starbucks!)

Suja Juice Organic, Non-GMO, Cold-Pressed, NO added folic acid or unnaturally derived “vitamins”- 100% pure and simple!   (I enjoy the “Green Supreme” and “Glow”)


On To The Beauty Brands!


If you read “Part 1 of the Sustainability Series”, you’ll know that having access to Content Beauty & Wellbeing makes it difficult for me to control myself in the all-natural beauty department!  There are just  TOO many brands to choose from!  However, I think I’ve found some I’ll stick to forever!  Just to be clear, the few items I’ll discuss can either be purchased in a travel size, or placed into a travel size bottle/container.



Ok, let’s talk hairspray…..

Did you know that most hairsprays (especially aerosols) are full of toxins, are actually dangerous to breathe in, and of course, we all know they can leave hair sticky and looking unnatural.  I found s SOLUTION! (background music with angels singing). EVEN BETTER, it’s a non-aerosol!


I owe it all to “John Masters Organics” CLICK HERE!  John Masters Organics provides luxury organic beauty products to customers around the world. Founded by visionary stylist John Masters in his Soho, New York salon, John Masters Organics is synonymous with premium quality, earth-friendly botanical ingredients and the ultimate in professional salon-level results. Each and every product is painstakingly crafted to let you “feel good about looking good.”


-Let me make it easy for you-

“Our all-natural, plant-based hairspray offers an excellent, flexible hold with no flaky residue. Six organic ingredients suffuse hair with beneficial nutrients while delivering an all-day hold with a light, citrus scent. Safe for color-treated hair. 8 fl oz.”

Made with 6 certified-organic ingredients

key ingredients

  • aloe vera – nourishes & protects
  • acacia senegal gum – provides hold; adds volume
  • xanthan gum – provides hold; protects against humidity
  • glycerin – protects & prevents breakage
  • bergamot – strengthens hair & adds shine


  • gives a touchable, medium hold
  • non-drying, lightweight formula
  • never sticky or flaky


  • good for all hair types
  • fights frizz & protects against humidity
  • perfect for styling curly & straight hair
  • great for daily use
  • safe for color-treated hair


Aloe barbadensis (aloe vera) leaf juice*, alcohol denat.*, acacia senegal gum*, saccharomyces ferment*, glycerin*, citrus aurantium (bergamot) fruit oil*, xanthan gum


Travel Shampoo & Conditioner

Of course, this is more of a personal decision, depending on your hair type.  I tend to produce more of an oily scalp, and I prefer more volume, so I tend to stick with volumizing shampoo’s and conditioners (using a deep conditioning treatment 1-2 times a week so my hair does not get too dry).

One of my favorite brands is Rahua Amazon Beauty, as their hair-care products work wonders, remaining all organic, natural, 100% plant derived, vegan, non-toxic, paraben, sulfate and gluabten-free (not to mention they have a fabulous dry shampoo!)

Their “Voluminous Shampoo & Conditioner” is formulated with the most exclusive plant-derived ingredients sustainably sourced from the Amazon rainforest.






Oh yes, skincare, probably the mot anticipated, and important topic of discussion yet.  Personally, I find it so important I’ll be writing up an entire post soon on “How To Take Care Of Your Skin Naturally”….

All I can say, is when you get to a good place with your skin, yo must appreciate it and really learn to take care of it.  Of course, I use various brands of skincare, but my main products come from the purer than pure brand Evolue & Lue By Jean Seo .  Yes, these are two different lines from the same founder “Jean Seo”.  Let me tell you a bit about the brand: “Evolue Skincare is formulated with the most luxurious ingredients, sourced from around the world, that mimic what our body naturally produces and loses with age. It can be used by everyone, all skin types, especially best for women with sensitive skin (either from being born with sensitive skin or became sensitive by using harsh products or procedures) that want to slow signs of aging.”

All ingredients within the products are so pure, don’t even need to list what harsh chemicals and/or toxins aren’t used…

Here’s what I use… (Click on the product names)

Gentle Cleanser & Makeup Remover

Firming Toner

Resurfacing Grains (Exfoliant)

Lue- “Erase”

Lue- “Balance Serum”

Lue- “Clear Spot Treatment”

All products are easily “travel size”, and trust me “Evolue” takes affordable luxury to the next level.  You can purchase at, through “Content Beauty”, or even on Amazon, as their Beverly Hills Boutique is no longer open.




Of course, we did not discuss all the many other travel necessities needed in order to stay “Green on The Go”, but maybe we’ll leave the rest for next week…

Have any green travel tips or brands you’d like to share?  Comment Below!

Until next week, Happy Healing



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