Smiley’s Kitchen- Ultimate “Brunch” Bowl

“Brunch”, its great for us busy folks…up early and on the go.  Skipping breakfast, or lacking in consuming full/proper amounts of nutrition in the morning is of course, a terrible way to start the day.  However, many of us live this way for a variety of reasons, and end up waiting until lunch time to eat, which can really affect your blood-sugar, and lead to a “hangry person” (and if you know what I mean, you’ll know it’s not a pretty sight…).


This being said, “brunch” is a wonderful solution to consume food not long after breakfast and early enough so you won’t have to wait until lunchtime!  It’s also important to get your portions right, especially if you skipped breakfast.  Eating too much can lead to digestive issues, and not eating enough will not raise your blood-sugar enough so you can work through the rest of your day.


Consuming the right foods is most likely the most important part; PROTEIN, HEALTHY FATS, and of course, some carbohydrates for instant energy.  This is why I’ve created the PERFECT brunch for vegans and non-vegans alike!


Now, it wouldn’t be a nutritious meal without some natural folic acid now, would it?  STEAMED KALE, CHOPPED COLLARD GREENS, AND EVEN SPINACH are great forms of greens which work really well with this meal, raw or cooked!


Aside from your choice of green, we continue with the carbohydrate, which in this case I’ve chosen BROWN RICE, which is ultimately better than white rice in terms of proper carbohydrates, and the way in which it affects your blood-sugar.


In addition, I chose some of my favorite foods, and I sautéed MUSHROOMS AND SWEET ONIONS until they turned a lovely golden color, along with some heirloom tomatoes and (here comes the healthy fat…) AVOCADOS!!!! (LOUD APPLAUSE)




The variety of choices of proteins which actually work with this meal are endless, and there are options for both vegans and vegetarians.

Tempeh (a form of protein derived from soy), is a great form of instant protein and is great for both vegans and vegetarians (consult with your doctor before consuming soy).

This being said, GRILLED TEMPEH, BLACK BEANS (OR ANY BEAN IN THAT MATTER), TOFU, OR A CHEESE OF CHOICE are all options which work really well with this meal.  Just add all ingredients together (drizzle with apple cider vinegar, avocado oil, olive oil or a dressing of choice; I love “BRAGGS Ginger & Sesame Dressing” ).



Of course, adding a green juice of choice doesn’t hurt….

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