Smileys Kitchen – Creamy Chocolate Tahini Smoothie


FRIENDS! CREAMY ~ CHOCOLATE ~ BREAKFAST.  Like, this THICK, DECADENT, ICE-CREAMY, MAGIC ~ IN ~ A ~ GLASS ~ Devour for breakfast, a snack, brunch, or dessert!  Even freeze it and turn this blend into POPSICLES~ PARTAYYY TIME!



For years now, I have been in search of a unique smoothie blend, free of all the extra junk which usually comes with “healthfully marketed” protein-blends used in smoothies… (you probably know what I mean, if it seems impossible to find or create a “simple smoothie” which meets all your “smoothie needs and desires”).  Sometimes it can be difficult to “dress up” nut butters such as almond and cashew butter in smoothies, and, well, it get’s boring!  You don’t want to lack in nutrition either, and getting creative can lead to “flavor disaster”!


Anyways, sometimes you wake up, groggy, exhausted and half-awake; the last thing you want to do is sit down get creative, search for and prep ingredients, then find yourself taste-testing for hours, right!? You just want something QUICK, NUTRITIOUS and FILLING!  Friends, give this blend a go!




Friends, I assure you, not only does Tahini (the forgotten butter- powered by sesame) go together beautifully with chocolate texture and taste wise, but it’s super high in those healthy-fats that will keep you fueled up until dusk!  You’re not only fueling brain power, but boosting energy through B vitamins!  So, it’s kind of a win win situation here….
Get Blending….


Creamy Chocolate Tahini Smoothie             fullsizeoutput_faf

Prep Time – 5 minutes


-2 Cups Unsweetened Almond Milk

-1 Frozen Banana (or half if you prefer more of a liquid texture)

-1 Handful Frozen Raspberries (OPTIONAL)

-1/2 Cup Fresh Spinach

-1 Tablespoon Tahini

-1 Tablespoon Hulled Hemp Hearts ( I love Manitoba Harvests’ Hemp! )

-1 Tablespoon Chopped Almonds

-1 Scoop Chocolate Protein Powder (of choice) I use Sunwarrior Vegan “Warrior Blend”

-1 Handful Crushed Ice


-Place all ingredients in blender, blend, and drink up!

(If you prefer a thicker/creamier texture use I full frozen banana, and a little less than 2 cups milk (the frozen berries help too, if added!) – For more of a liquid texture/consistency use half a frozen banana and 2 cups! ENJOY FRIENDS!

Let me know if this was a yay or nay!


fullsizeoutput_4c6  fullsizeoutput_d84

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