About ~ The Woman Behind The Smile


Dearest Friends,

My name is Sascha and I am the founder of “Smileylymie”, a place to hope, heal and inspire.  I have been living with Chronic Lyme Disease, and all it entails for nearly 12 years of my young life. I contracted Lyme at the age of 7 from a tick-bite which appeared on my hip, while living in southern California. My health began to decline quickly, and within 2 days I was hospitalized with severe neurological symptoms and a high fever. I was told it was all in my head, and was discharged without being tested for Lyme. Nine agonizing years later, I was finally diagnosed with Chronic Lyme through “Igenex Labs.” With the help of my incredible doctors, my own independent research and “home-based treatment”, I have been able to keep the majority of my symptoms under control. Lyme Disease has completely altered my path, and I am determined to help, inspire and educate others, by sharing the knowledge and wisdom I have acquired.  My story is a rather interesting one, involving much loss, grief, a lot of changes and pain.  However, the lessons I taught myself and the attitude I chose to possess, shaped me into the person I was meant to be, and the kind of person I am proud to be. I am a passionate reader and writer (aspiring author), women’s rights activist and advocate for United Nations “He For She” and “Our Shared Shelf” (Emma Watson’s Global Feminist book club) on my spare time.  I am determined to move to London to follow my British roots and follow the path I was meant to, despite my illness.  As I embark on a new journey in my life, I have been granted the ability to connect with so many amazing people, and I’d love to connect with you! You can connect with me via Instagram & Twitter to discover healthy guilt-free recipes, encouraging advice and support, and ideas of how to enrich your life. My goal is to provide others with the platform I was granted; you can contact me about potentially being featured on the site! I DO believe that if you BE YOURSELF, TAKE CARE OF YOURSELF, LOVE YOURSELF & simply GO FOR IT, you CAN accomplish whatever you set your mind to. Happy Healing!

Much Love,

“From the beginning, I knew I wanted to make a difference, I knew I was going to, and so I did”- Sascha  Pedzy-Johnston    (The “Smileylymie”)


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