About The Kitchen

fullsizeoutput_a2Welcome! It is my pleasure to share my healthy creations with you. Living with Chronic Lyme Disease, forced me to acknowledge how well I was treating my body, including what I was eating, as this is so significant.  As I slowly started to eliminate foods containing gluten, GMO’s, pesticides, added sugars, high amounts of dairy, etc, I noticed a few things; I began to gain more strength and energy (despite my illness), I was able to concentrate and I developed a passion for cooking and learning how your diet affects your unique set of genes and mindset. All recipes listed below and posted on my instagram (@smileylymie) are gluten free, non-gmo and there are vegan options.I have collaborated with a few mindful companies, who were the inspiration behind some of my most favorite recipes. I hope you enjoy!  Please contact me, for a chance to have your recipes featured!



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