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“Smileylymie” was founded on the motto “If you can smile through your toughest days, you’ll make it through anything”.  I truly believe that self-care is a major contributor to a persons healing journey, both mentally and physically.  Writing in itself, is a brilliant form of therapy.  Writing therapy posits that writing one’s feelings gradually eases feelings of emotional trauma.  Writing is “speaking to another consciousness — ‘the reader’ or another part of the self. We come to know who we really are in the present moment,” (Elizabeth Sullivan).  Writing also creates a mind-body-spirit connection, and truly believe that when we stay in the present moment, and inhabit our bodies, we can heal ourselves.  Through my own personal experience and through the utter joy people have expressed to me, after writing down their experiences through their life journey with an illness or other traumatic experience.  A dear friend of mine came to me, thanking me for encouraging her to express herself stating, “I didn’t realize how truly imprisoned I was inside my own mind; I feel completely free, like the weight of the world has been lifted off.  I feel empowered to conquer whatever may come my way”.


Through Instagram (where I have met and connected with incredible people around the world), I wanted to test “writing therapy” for my fellow friends with chronic illnesses/cancer through two segments, “Spoonie Spotlight” and “A Letter To Lyme” (where those with Lyme Disease could “write a letter to their illness”), and the outcome was astonishing  So many people were craving the opportunity to express themselves and share their journey with an illness, which was not only beneficial for their minds and bodies, but for those reading their stories, as much awareness was spread about various illnesses their realities.

So, I want to give YOU this opportunity, to share your story with the world, spread awareness and set yourself FREE!  How does it work?  If you have any chronic illness, cancer, or you have experienced a life-changing experience (traumatic or not), I’d love to hear from you.  Simply email me your content (story, and it’s title) or we can collaborate together on writing the story, along with a small biography, a picture (optional) and any social media, websites or contact information you would like featured.  There is no limit, there are no rules, just a pure healing space.  All stories will be featured under the Smileylymie BLOG.  You can view the blog and search for random posts for examples, i you’re interested.


Fill out the CONTACT FORM BELOW, or visit the contact page.  I look forward to hearing from you, and until then….Happy Healing!

Sascha xx