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As a Holistic Lifestyle and Wellness Blogger, and Chronic Lyme Disease Survivor, it is my passion to create the healthiest environment possible for myself, teaching others how they can do the same. Essential oils have been a “building-block” on my journey to being my “best self”. Young Living has not only provided me with the “purest” tools to live out my passions, but the assurance that I am using the best possible products. You can learn more about me, my story, and what I do by visiting the link below.


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I am passionately living out a non-toxic lifestyle, and am here to spread my knowledge with the world!!! You can learn more about what I do by visiting 🙌🏼 It is through my own beliefs and experience that 🌿Nature🌿provides us with what we need to prosper, despite living in a toxic environment. I have FINALLY become a distributor for @younglivingeo ~ Essential Oils have become a major part of my healing/Detox journey with Chronic Lyme; it is simply my passion. However, it’s not just about the Essential Oils, it’s about the quality of Oils, and maintaining a conscious lifestyle. There is much more to Essential Oils, than meets the eye. Friends, I am SO thrilled for you to join me on this new journey ~ Please visit my Brand New Website/Blog to learn all about Essential Oils, Why I choose @younglivingeo , Lifestyle Tips, “How-To’s”, Recipes, and more ; you can also purchase @younglivingeo products/kits, and sign up for my emails so I can guide you ~ Lets get Oiling! ~


Happy Healing & I cannot wait for us to get started!,