The Kitchen

~ All Eaters Welcome ~

Anyone who knows me, knows that it’s no joke, I take that “foodie life” really, seriously. I’m a green-smoothie addict, and an avocado toast loving freak. You know, it sounds much more appealing to love food, that actually loves you back, right!? Food is medicine, or at least it can be, if we actually care about what we’re eating, that means no “FSO’s” (Food Shaped Objects). I always knew that diet was a critical part of living a truly “holistic” lifestyle; it’s been a HUGE part of my life since I was a kiddo. I was always the one with the “special lunches” and the one mocked at parties and social gatherings, but even as a child, I didn’t care. I knew the significance….

After contracting Lyme Disease, I went from strict, to batshit crazy, the good kind of crazy of course. Diet was the one thing, keeping me going, without completely succumbing to my new reality. The logistics of my life did not allow me to spend time focusing on healing (rest assured, I won’t get into that now), so diet not only became a form of medicine, but an easy way to “keep moving forward” in my life.

Yup, I learned how to cook at the age of 8, by trial and fire, and propelled into a “health-savvy” gal, determined to untangle the mysteries of my body, and how to eat according to my body’s needs. After all, every body is different, and what works for other’s might not work for you. I’m here to share my deep love and passion for recipe experimentation and healing through food, while delivering that good ol’e 100% satisfactory taste factor! I’m talking zone out delicious food my friends!

What To Expect?

All my recipes and food-related blog-posts are fueled by the power of plants; yes, plants are a super-food, and their powers are endless. Here, I share 100% gluten-free, non-GMO, vegetarian, egg-free, organic, often times, vegan, unique and SUPER quick and easy to make (I’m a sucker for anything no-bake, and you’ll understand why now you make your first no-bake treat) KILLER recipes! Most importantly, each recipe is one-of-a-kind, and straight from the heart (not to be too corny). Whether your a newbie to the “holistic foodie-world” or a die-hard “foodie freak” like my proud self, I’m so glad your here…